Brunei Darussalam Visa

Visa Requirement of Brunei Darussalam


  • One completed visa application form per applicant.
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • One set of Passport photocopy on the endorsed pages.
  • Applicant’s passport: Must be valid for last 6 months before expiry when entering Brunei Darussalam & should have at least four pages remaining.
  • Financial proof (Original bank statement with bank solvency certificate, Bank Cheque

Book and ATM Card)

  • One copy of Itinerary and Flight schedule.
  • Confirm Hotel reservation in Brunei Darussalam (If necessary)
  • Invitation letter from Sponsor (to be authenticated/statutory by Brunei court) (If necessary).
  • Applicant will be subject for interview
  • Visa is valid for up to three months only.
  • The application process will normally take 3 working days or could be more for further verifications.

Visa fee:

Single Entry: Tk.2,000/-
Multiple Entry: Tk.2,600/-