Philippines Visa

Visa Requirement of Philippines



  1. Police clearance (Original copy, 1 month valid)- Mendatory.  Not needed ifhave VALID VISA of USA, Australia, UK,  CANADA, JAPAN, Singapore, Schengen is available). (Not needed for foreigners).
  2. Proof of Financial capability e.g. bank solvency.
  3. Bank Statementof visa applicant or letter.
  4. Photocopy of a Blank check , 1 page.
  5. TIN Certificate(English)
  6. For Businessmen: Trade License (English translate with notarized)
  7. For Employees: NOC letter, Student:  Letter from school/University. ID.
  8. Two copies of 2″x2″recent photographs (white background).
  9. Invitation letter from sponsor. Must be notarized if personal invitation.( With sponsor’s passport  copy   & ID card , Send  a copy to Philippine Embassy also from Philippine).
  10. Tour Plan
  11. Round trip airline ticket / travel itinerary (Booking).
  12. Booking Confirmation Hotel/ accommodation.
  13. Personal lettertowards visa officer.
  14. Passport valid for not less than Nine (9) monthsafter sojourn in the Philippines.
  15. Passport  photocopy & Original
  16. National ID
  17. At least travel one Asian country. eg.Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc.
  18. 10-15 working days.
  19. Agency Visa fee: Tk. 4,500 (non-refundable).
  20. Photo Copy of All Previous VISA from the Passport.
  21. The Emergency fee Tk.1500. upon   approval from the Embassy only, but will not be applicable for tourism.