Turkey Visa

Turkey Visa

Bangladeshi nationals holding diplomatic and official passports are exempt from visa for their travels to turkey up to 90 days.

Those Passport holders with a valid of USAUKIreland and Schengen Countries’ or residence permit may get their single entry e-visas valid for one month for  BDT 6,000, provided that they meet certain conditions.

Tourist Visa (All Documents Should Be In English)

  • Online-visa application form (duly filled in and signed by the applicant)
  • A valid passport (with six-month validity on the date of the application)
  • 2 color photographs (2×2 size- on mate paper)
  • Marriage certificate (if a married couple is travelling together) (Attested by a Notary Public)
  • National ID card or birth certificate photocopies (ID mandatory)
  • Airline ticket reservation
  • Hotel reservation
  • Original bank statement up to date (covers the transactions of the last three months)
  • Original Bank Solvency

Submission of the following documents could help support the application:

  • Letter of introduction from the company/employer of the applicant
  • Trade license (Attested by a Notary Public)
  • Income tax return / TIN (Attested by a Notary Public)
  • Membership to any trade body (Attested by a Notary Public)
  • Travel Insurance

The visas are normally issued in 5-7 days. Subject to the nature of the application, this time can be longer. Applicant must face to embassy for submission & biometric test

Visa Fee(s) :

Service Charge BDT 1,000